Pepe Luís Ramírez Portolés

Pepe Luís Ramírez Portolés born in Borriol (Spain)

Father of five, golf lover and a painter.


The artist spent his childhood breathing the scents of orange blossom, almond trees and the Mediterranean Sea.


His paintings distort the concept of painting, creating works full of strength and colour, with a magnetism that incites us to try to decipher them. They are like the sea, always in movement. It is also worth noting that among the +3,000 followers on his Instagram account, Pepe Luís Ramírez Portolés is followed by the selective Fatiha Amer, director of the Opera Gallery, Paris.


His work is understood when linked to his different life stages he represents in each of them, his feelings and emotions.  He groups his works in series, which implies courage, boundless imagination and a constant search for creative diversity.


His latest collection PINK Series was born when the artist saw a photo of Jackie Kennedy on the day her husband was assassinated.

Jacqueline Kennedy's pink suit is the outfit the first lady wore on 22 November 1963, the day her husband, US President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.


“The feeling when I read the story of the dress was one of admiration when I saw Jackie's courage in the face of adversity. The dress covered in blood, in my opinion, was her banner in the face of barbarism. An example of maintaining good form as the first lady she was”.


His work can be found in the collections of Casa Real Española, Raquel Oliva, Yannic Levêque, Emmanuelle Lerat, Esther Doña, Enrique Ponce, Paloma Cuevas, Sara Zaldivar, Victoria Vityukhova and numerous collectors from all over the world.


Pepe Luís Ramírez Portolés receives excellent criticism from famous colleagues such as Revello de Toro, art teachers such as Carmen Bujalance or Antonio Gascó, Francisco Hernandis Díaz or art critics such as Mercedes Hernández, between others. Art critic Mercedes Hernández García aptly defines the painter as “a fierce breaker, an artist who does not follow any trend other than his need to unleash his artistic concerns”.


His first solo show at Vermell Gallery in Castellón (Spain) in 1993, was an absolute success, where he sold out all his works. Given the first success, he later exhibited in Italy, France, U.S and Stockholm. In 2018 he accepted the invitation from the Steiner Gallery and exhibited in Vienna. He continued exhibiting in 2019 at the OCCO Gallery in Madrid and participated in the International Contemporary Art Fair BORDEAUX and the Art Fair LUXEMBOURG.

He will also be present  in the upcoming International Contemporary Art Fair in Monaco in August 2021 and Marbella Design Week in September 2021.